Sunday, November 11, 2012

Diva Dash

Yesterday I did a great race called the Diva Dash  - it was sponsored by the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA), a women only run!  Those are so much fun!  Great run for a great cause! Event management was Final Stretch - they know how to put on a fantastic race!!  The plan was to cap the race at 1,200 entries, but it was decided to let it go higher.  That was a bit of a concern for me because I hate bottlenecks. It all turned out great though!!  The course was beautiful - we ran mostly on a paved trail, but there were some gravel roads, a floating trail through a marsh, and a wood slat bridge over a lake inlet.  There were a few bummers - it was an out and back course which I usually love, but because of the high number of runners on a narrow path, many of us had to keep stepping off the trail into the mud.  Also, there was a point when the 10Kers converged paths with the 5Kers (many whom were walking) and we had to weave our way through the packs.  But like I said, for the most part it was a truly gorgeous race!
I forgot my watch so just ran by feel. That was ok, but I was really looking forward to a PR and that's hard to do when you don't know what your time is!  Missed a PR by 15 sec.  Oh well - next time!  I did place second in my age category (old) and 16/527 so yes- I am pleased!
After the race - the look on my face makes me wonder exactly what was in those bottles?
This race is known for the great door prizes - Coach purses, Athleta wear, headbands, etc.  I never win door prizes - EVER!  I really have never won!  What's with that? Anyway, it was fun to see the excited ladies.  The best was my sister who won a headband and acted like she won a trip to Hawaii!  Love that girl!
Favorite t-shirt quote "We moved our legs to save your eggs!"

Do you like women only races?
What is the best door prize you have ever won?


  1. I LOVE that t-shirt quote...that is Priceless!!! I am sitting here at school reading your blog instead of planning...shhh don't tell!

    Great pic of you at the end! How cold is it up there right now? You are wearing shorts...

    1. Shhhhh - don't tell - I am doing the same thing!!

      Today it is 35 degrees! The day of the race it was about 40 degrees. I called my hometown time and temp where it was a reported 58, stupid me!!!! Two hours north it was a lot colder!!! I showed up at the race in shorts- no hat, not gloves!!! Good thing it was a short one!