Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ahhh, the Good Life

Days off from school equal a little added craziness to my life!  I refuse to clean my house because as anyone with kids knows the house just becomes a bigger pit when they are home from school!!!

Too early to start baking pumpkin pies and the sale flyers have not come out yet so I can't make a Black Friday Attack Plan.

So what have I been doing??  Well, yesterday I did Body Pump, then ran, took a nap (yay) and then ran trails right before sunset.  Today I swam, ran trails, had lunch with friends, got stuff ready for tomorrow's Gobble Wobble, going back out to trails for a shorty and then kettlebells with a friend. I kinda like this life!

Tomorrow is the Gobble Wobble.  I started this run as a gathering for my students and their families. However, this year it grew and grew and GREW!  I am expecting over 100 people to show up to wobble, walk, gallop or dash!  No timing, no swag, just families gathering before they eat the big meal!  Will post pics tomorrow!

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