Sunday, January 26, 2014

What Up?

I have been absent from the blogging world lately.  So have some of my favorite bloggers.  I always look for them, I wonder what they are up to, I think about how they are doing with the things that they used to talk about.  Isn't it funny how you get to know bloggers and you feel like they are your friends?  I want to email a few of them and say "Are you ok, friend? Do you wanna go have coffee?"

Anyway, so I am back.  I am starting to put together some plans for 2014 finally and am feeling pretty excited.  My dang hamstring is an ongoing issue for 18 months now, so I feel like I have to readjust some of the goals I have set. But readjusting is ok - as long as I am still striving to reach the goals.

Here is what I have on tap-

For sure
Get Lucky 21 K - March
Zumbro 17 Trail Race - April
Fargo Half Marathon - May
Chester Woods Trail Race - June
Foot Traffic Flat Marathon - July 4 in Oregon
Big Woods Half Marathon - October
Mankato Marathon - October

MN weather has been awful in January!!! My students have had three "cold days", one late start, and two early releases!  And tomorrow has just been declared another "cold day!"  I have been avoiding the treadmill and am lucky enough to have a running partner who is pretty crazy and doesn't mind the cold runs.  We have been out on most of the really cold days, but today's wind forced me back inside!

Bring on summer!!!!