Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Switching It Up

I have been messing around with my blog a little bit lately, updating, adding pics, changing fonts, etc.  In this process, I noticed that my blog description said something about "finding out what it takes to be an ultrarunner."  It has been almost a year since I began my journey as an ultrarunner.  I remember waiting with excitement for the race to open up for registration. I loved the commitment to the training, the people I met along the way, and all the things I learned!  What a year it has been!  I am starting to think of ultra-goals for next year and I cannot wait!

Now, if you are reading this post maybe you have looked up at my blog description and have noticed that I have changed it.  Now I am on a journey to become a balanced runner.  I am not entirely sure what that means yet!  Right now I need to get balanced physically.  A year of ultras, a marathon, a couple of half marathons, and a smattering of 10ks have left me a little physically damaged (not saying injured, in denial still :))  So here is my plan for the winter months -

Running - no more than 8 miles 4 x a week
Swimming - 30-45 min 3 x a week
Body Pump - 60 min 3 x  a week

Even though that seems like pretty low mileage compared to last year, I have to believe the cross training is going to make me stronger, more efficient, and maybe even faster.  I am hoping to build upper body strength and balance the running muscles in the legs as well as build core strength.

Anybody else switching it up for the winter months?


  1. I love the look of your blog. I find it very calming and peaceful :). I am definitely changing up my workout plans for the winter. Injury has made me realize that a body needs strength training.

  2. i would love to switch up sitting on my a@* and start to work out, lol!! I am going to try and swim at least once a week for 90 minutes...I need to work on upper body and do more core strengthening...perhaps I will work that into pt if I can...or at home. And I love the look of your blog too...always have!

  3. I believe in cross training for making us stronger, it really worked for me. I have a marathon on December 2, but after that I might cut mileage back again and go for more cross training. If nothing else...there will be lots of skiing! Enjoy the change of pace. :)

  4. I have many long term ultra goals and secretly train only for those. Speed and pace don't matter to me any more and I just cruise along. I do however do upper body and core exercises 3 to 4 times per week. Trail ultras are much easier with a stronger upper body. But I am certainly not a balanced runner. I am in South Africa so we are moving into summer now. :)

  5. I feel like I am a much stronger runner when I am doing Bodypump during training. Way to switch things up to avoid injury:)