Who is Prairie Runner?

Praire Runner is really Becky - crazy woman, mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, coach, runner.  I began running when I was just a little kid on the farm.  Some of my best memories as a kid include running - running to keep up with my big brother, running away from my little sisters (ha ha- just kidding girls!) running while playing night games with the neighborhood kids, running to take a meal to my dad in the field, running to my friend's houses, running track.  Running gave me a sense of freedom then, and that feeling of freedom continues.  I run to find peace, I run to have joy, I run to prove I am a little crazy! I enjoy sharing my love of running with the students in my class and with our running community. I think most runners get that - it feels selfish to keep trails, sunrises, sunsets, euphoria, to ourselves and so we share!

     50 Miles of Smiles??
Ragnar Fun!


  1. Love this! I am so incredibly excited to follow your blog.

    You seriously MUST be joking about the 40 thing? You look absolutely amazing and you are gorgeous!