Happy Feet!

I love finding things that make my feel happy, safe, warm, content, fast, healthy....
Here is my list and will continue to add to it!

Nuu-Muu dresses

Love my Nuu-Muu dresses!  Love being comfortable, love looking pretty!!  Every woman needs a Nuu-Muu or two or three.  Warning- don't wear a Nuu-Muu if you don't like attention - this dress is definitely a head turner.  My friends and I wore them in a Ragnar race and heard many compliments but the best was "We don't mind getting beat by hot women in dresses!"

Wright Sock - Right On!
I used to think socks were just socks until I received a pair of Wright Socks! OMG they GR8T! :)
I have never blistered while wearing these socks, they stay in place, no bunching, no scrunching.  Not too hot, not too cold, just Wright!

Greek Gods Yogurt
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Greek Gods Yogurt!!!!!!! I have been enjoying this yogurt for two years! Nothing beats the smoothness of the texture, and the sweetness!  I especially love it with a berry assortment and animal crackers!  This great source of protein is unbelievable great!  Check out the site for recipes (there is even one for a "facelift!")

Brooks Pure Flow
LOVE how light these shoes are and LOVE how pretty they are and LOVE the joy I feel when I wear these shoes!!!!
These are the ones I have.  Really thinkin I should get the purple ones, and the black ones, and...