Friday, March 30, 2012

Eating on the Run

Tomorrow I will run 4-5 hours- all at one time.  Probably, hopefully 5.  This week and next will be my weeks with the highest mileage.  I am really hoping that I am ready!  Tonight I have a Sport Club meeting to go to - I am hoping to recruit enough running partners to get me through the miles on Sat and Sun!

Fueling plan:  Tonight - Quinoa and Black Beans **Scrumptious**
During run:

And after:  Really can't beat chocolate milk.  Whoever said "don't cry over spilled milk" is so wrong!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Breaking Up

Sometimes life gets in the way of running - I hate that when that happens!  (kidding)  My daughter is celebrating turning 11 today and is having a sleepover.  So, I have to give up my long run tomorrow - poor me!  I will still get the miles in, but will do it in two segments.  My first one will be two hours starting at 5 am with my best running friends and I am looking forward to that!!  Then I will head home and whip up a delicious breakfast for the little girlies - cinnnamon rolls straight from the carton and into my oven!  After I deliver the sleep-deprived girls to their homes I plan to head out for two more hours. I am actually really excited about "breaking up" the long run!  My long runs have been incredibly long lately - I am getting to the longest mileage phase right now in my ultra training!!  Sometimes 4 hours on the feet can be exhausting - more mentally than physically.  SO, I think I will perhaps be fresher for the second two hours.  I hope.  The weather in MN is absolutely gorgeous right now - 70s all week,  We NEVER have that until May!  I am really looking forward to the runs tomorrow!!
Happy Birthday, Errin!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Opening Up

I was given some news this week that for some reason has really shook me to my core.  My mother has to have major heart surgery in less than two weeks.  I am not a doc and was not with her when she received the news, so I am just going by what I think I heard.  I think she is having a quadruple bypass.  My brain tells me that she will have the best surgeon doing the work so she will be ok.  My brain tells me that the mortality rate for this is very, very low.  My brain tells me that she is going to come out of this and be the same mother who sends my kids sugar cookies on holidays, who enjoys gardening, who has always been active and a role model for her children and grandchildren.  My brain tells me that her heart is going to be be fine and healthy.  Why then, does my heart hurt so much?
For four days I have been crying at the drop of a hat.  A mini-meltdown in the teachers' lounge, tears while waiting in traffic, sniffles in the shower...  Like I said in the beginning of this post,  this news has really shook me up.  My mom is my best friend, she is the one I STILL want to be when I grow up.  It scares me to death to think of her heart being in hands of a doctor.  This is why - my mom's heart is who she is.  Yes, it is the organ that keeps her alive unscientifically speaking.  But my mom's heart also is the reason we had random children staying with us throughout my childhood, children who needed protection or a home where love who provided unconditionally.  It is the reason that people without food are provided with meals and children without hats are given warm ones to cover their bare heads.  It is the reason that relatives and friends stop by the farm to visit when they are in the neighborhood. It is the reason that the grandchildren and now great-grandchildren feel so treasured.  And for all those reasons and so many more, that I beg and implore the surgeon to take his time with my mom.  Treat her like she is the one and only patient you will ever have.  Make her healthy and give her back to me the way you found her - the most caring, wonderful woman in the world!  Every day, every run, and moment is dedicated to my mom.  I love you!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yay for Me!

Just a quick post to celebrate with people who "get it!"  I had a successful "back to back runs" weekend!  I ran 4 hours yesterday followed by a 3 hour run today. All miles were done at a relatively easy pace and I DID IT!!  Today was tough - I ran on tired legs, but that is the purpose of the B2B runs.  Then just for the fun of it (ha ha) the last part of the run include a mile long hill!  Just building character!  Anyway - just wanted to share...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Water Woman!!

I have a very low weekly mileage right now - but, But, BUT I DO have time on my feet, except my feet weren't touching any roads!  Confused?  So was I at first.  I discovered aquajogging this week.  A tweaked ankle forced me off the pavement and into the pool.  I was not happy about this and so not convinced that an "aquajog" could be a workout.  C'mon admit it - none of really wants to be a jogger.  We are runners, racers, goddesses of great speed! Right?  So, flashback to last Sunday.  I woke up with a very sore ankle and a plan to run 2 hours.  I had to weigh my choices - run on and risk further damage OR scale back and recover.  I chose the latter (remember?  I told you once I am getting smarter!!)  I didn't have a lot of options - yoga, elliptical (hate it), or aqua-running.  I called a friend who agreed to join me.  We jumped in the pool and "ran" for 45 minutes.  We ran with our stylin' belts- we even wore our running shorts!!  Up and down, back and forth.  Guess what?  It is HARD workout and I LOVED it!  My butt, hams, and hips burned!  I even worked up a sweat.  We celebrated the workout by getting pedis.  Hey - if we are going to expose these beat-up runner feet to the public we may as well try to make them look pretty!  We "ran" again on Tues - still loved it! And here is the really good news - a few days off the roads gave me the break needed to heal the ankle!  So, here is my new plan - I am going to "run" in water once a week - to give my body a break from pounding pavement and to work the muscles not used in running.  One little laugh - there were some high school boys doing some really hard laps in preparation for the state meet. I knew a couple of them - one I had in class as a little boy.  He told his mom he saw me there and that I was treading water!  If he only knew!
Have you ever tried aquajogging?