Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big Woods Race Report

Very quick report - all bullets.  Why quick?  Cuz I am wiped and just wanna sleep!

  • Beautiful course - a little bit of pavement, the rest in the woods
  • Gorgeous weather at first
  • Rainy ending
  • Pushed myself hard and loved the feeling - that feeling of health
  • I was the first place woman finisher!!!
  • I won a....blanket?  I wanted a medal for what will probably be my only first place overall win.  The blanket is cozy and a pretty green!!  Hard to hang on a medal rack though!!
  • Best post-race celebration EVER!!  Soup, bread, and cookies served in a country church!


  1. Congratulations on the win! That is amazing!!

  2. Your amazing!!! But...a blanket? Seriously? You hang that up somewhere and tell everyone about it!!!

    What kind of soup? i'm starvin!

  3. wow! congratulations on the win! I personally would like the blanket over a medal - my medals get stuffed in a drawer, but a blanket would get a lot of use. Of course I've never won a race, so it will probably never be a problem for me! congratulations again!