Sunday, February 17, 2013

Power of a Pushup

     My students rock!!!  They will rise to almost any challenge presented to them.  Waaaaaaaay back in November when I was upping my count in pushups I challenged them to join me.  We started out with a few groans and whines, but everybody did them the first day (and every day after that!)  They all thought they were such studs - until the second day!  When they dropped into their first pushup position they were very surprised by the pain they felt in those unused muscles!!  Loud moans and groans accompanied the pushups that day!  But they all did them - every single one.  It was so exciting for them to see their growth - many kids progressed from doing all pushups on their knees to every single one on toes!!  A few of them added in their own styles.  So many times the dismissal bell was just about to ring when one of the kids would shout out a reminder to do pushups.  One time we forgot and one of my students called me after school to ask me to send a reminder text.  The next day the kids came to school to tell me they had received the text in supermarkets, grandparents' houses, or supper time with their family.  They all did the 30 pushups on their own.  These are committed kids!!!  Yes, they had fun flexing those biceps, but the best growth was the self-esteem.  They set out on a challenge that many thought impossible at the start and they did it!!!!!  This teacher is proud!!!

     I am super excited to tell them about the next challenge I have for them (besides rocking the state tests!!) They all know that I am running a 50K in April.  They are great supporters and love to hear about my long miles, new shoes, and running stories. So with this knowledge, I am going to challenge them to run 31 miles in the 31 days leading up to my 50K!!! I have a plan on how we will accomplish that - we will run for the first 10-15 minutes of recess-- together, all of us.  Some may start out walking and that is fine.  But I bet you anything by the end of the 31 miles ALL will be running!!!!  I am calling this run the S'milin' Away 50K!  All who complete it will receive a t-shirt with a huge smiley face on the front. I have been checking out prices and I think I can make it affordable for all.  I would also love to put together a swag bag - if you have any ideas for cheap or free prizes let me know.
     I hope that I am a positive role model for the kids - I truly believe that a healthy body equals a healthy mind.  I want them to know that running does not have to be their exercise of choice, but that exercising should be a choice they make every day!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Run That Was

     Yesterday day was one of those "make it or break it" runs - fortunately this time I made it!  I had an 18 miler scheduled and it had to start at 4 am.  I know that is a crazy hour but my day was filled with kid stuff and that was the only time I could carve out in the day.  Luckily, I have a friend who is just as crazy and does not mind early, early morning runs!!!  I checked the weather and say that it was 10 degrees - a heat wave compared to the previous three days of negative numbers.  That positive number fooled me into dressing lighter than I should have and that became a problem later in the run.  The run went so quickly, even though we were moving pretty slowly.  My face mask froze twice (I need to solve that problem) and my hands started to get really cold!!  Running into the wind was the worst - it felt like I was in one of those wind machines and my skin was getting an instant face lift!!!  My thigh muscles felt like they were hardening and my butt felt like a rock - and not in a good way!  At 16 miles, my friend finished up and with encouraging words, sent me on my way.  Two miles is not a big deal, right?  Wrong!  I wanted to be done at 16, but I was determined to do my miles. At one point I said out loud "There is no one tougher than you right now!" and I believed that!!  I finished the miles, fell into my car, clumsily got the keys in the ignition and drove straight home to a hot shower!  ( have you ever taken a hot shower when you are painfully cold???  OUCH)

     Today I am looking forward to a beautifully short 6 miler.  It snowed last night, so the world is winter wonderful!!  I am doing a "destination run" - running from my house out in the country into town to the Y where I will do a Body Pump class.  I am NOT running home - my daughter will give me a ride.
     I am also looking forward (?????) to my son"s Super Bowl Party!  What's more fun than 7 13-year old boys????