Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Shhhhhh, I am quietly waiting for my youngest to wake up and start the ruckus!  She promised my teens that she would let them sleep until 7:30.  I am savoring the peace until then.  Once that time arrives a busy day will be heralded in.  Opening Santa gifts, breakfast together, slip in a quick workout, and then off to the in-laws for the day.  AND I am hoping to see Les Miserables tonight!!!
I have some favorite pictures to share from the last week:
Winter Solstice Run with friends

A view on a recent morning run
For some reason, every pic I have of Errin she is making goofy faces!  Hope it is just a stage!

My very adorable nephew!
Macey - I am holding tight because I don't want her to leave me for college next year!!
Kellen, Errin, and my niece, Solveig.  We all wear our pjs for the celebration!
My beautiful sisters
My nephew and I strike a pose after "Just Dance."  Little did we know we were getting photo-bombed!
Kellen and Macey
"Snowlympics 2012"
Snowglobe Trotters
Winter Warriors

 Favorite moment but not recorded in photos - Christmas Eve service at church.  I cry every time! The music, the closeness, the family blessing.  My mind wanders to those who are in need, who have lost someone special, who have had hardship. I reflect on how fortunate I have been - healthy and happy children, a career I love, friends.  This year was good for my family, but much sadness surrounds this holiday.  I pray for peace for EVERYONE!

 Wishing you a very blessed Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas! I love the pic of you and your daughter. When my daughter goes to college, I might try to pack myself in her luggage. I will miss her so much! Also, the name Solveig is super cool. And that sign is classic. The beauty of marketing.