Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Seventeen degrees, "real feel" temp- 6 degrees.  Icy roads, a new layer of snow.  Wind blowing in bitter gusts. Icicles on eyelashes. Frosty buns.
Trees glistening in the morning sun.  A deer bounding on the path ahead of me, a hawk gliding overhead.  Breaths suspended in frosty puffs.  Silence except for the shuffle of my shoes.
I have to admit (but not too loudly) that I love winter running.  I can't wait for the sun to come up so I can get out on the trails.  I love dressing in layers and shedding them as I warm up.  I love being the crazy one that the treadmill runners roll their eyes at, a winter warrior!  I love the clicks my screw shoes make when my path changes from snow to pavement. I love the bright colored clothes in contrast to the white and black landscape! I love the hot showers that follow. I love the way I sleep after a cold run.
Favorite winter gear?  My screw shoes!!  A must-have for safe running!
How to Make Screw Shoes

We have a "shoe limit" at our house - only one pair allowed at the door.  Clearly, this weekend's changing weather (rain, slush, snow) helped me to exceed MY limit!

One more thought on winter running - I need some help coming up with ideas for a winter solstice run that I want to organize for our running club.  I thought we could run at sunset with headlamps and end with a fire.  Any ideas on inexpensive ideas that would make it a fun event?


  1. I definitely prefer winter running to summer heat!

    I love the idea of a late headlamp run followed by a fire!

  2. We have it organized - there are about 20 of us who are taking on the woods in the dark!!! Will be fun!!