Sunday, December 2, 2012


I don't usually post two days in a row but I had to share this story!  I am still laughing about it.  Last night I went to the local grocery story wearing what I normally wear - running clothes.  (I run, shower, and put clean ones back on!!  Favorite clothes to wear!)  When I was in the checkout line the man behind me started up this conversation:

Man:  You a runner?
Me:  Uuuuh, yep!  (was the stocking cap and tights a dead give-away?)
Man:  I can tell.  You have that muscle in the back of your leg.
Me:  Oh.  (ummmmm, ok?)
Man:  I used to be a runner in Ethiopia.  You know Ethiopian runners?
Me:  Oh yeah?  Cool!
(uncomfortable pause)
Me:  What was your event?
Man: A very fast 1500.
Me:  Do you still run?
Man: (as he pats his large belly) Not any more.
(very uncomfortable pause)
Man: I would like to.  I need a very good coach. (and then he winked at me!!)
(very, VERY uncomfortable pause)
Me:  (stammering) Well, uh, there is a group that meets uh every Saturday at the Y.  You could uh run with them.
Man:  No, I wish to have just one coach. (another wink)
Me:  Well, I hope that you find one!
Then I started to push my cart away.
Man:  Excuse me, you forgot your groceries.
Man:  Thank you for your visit.

I walked out of the store quietly giggling to myself- seriously!  I don't know if it was because I was so easily flustered by being "hit on" or that he recognized me as a runner because I LOOKED LIKE A RUNNER!!!!!!

I find that when I am wearing running clothes in public places I am often approached by people wanting to tell their stories or ask advice about running. I think that is pretty cool and I love to talk running!!


  1. "patting the belly" and "Ethiopian runner" struck me as the most hilarious! Of course it could be true, but just funny to me.

    And I also love wearing running clothes 24x7!!

    1. My students know it is a casual day when I show up wearing a running jacket!

  2. ah, the winking is such a turn on! Too funny!
    It may be vain and weird, but I love when people identify me as a runner. I especially love when people I barely know say things like "yeah, but you're a runner". Apparently they all know who we are without us having to tell them.
    (I reread this comment before posting and it doesn't make much sense- I am still posting it, though!)

    1. I am the same way - kind of like being in a "club!"

  3. Oh no he didn't! That is too much. Though any time you get identified as a runner by leg muscles, you should be proud.:)

  4. oh yes he did!!! SInce that night I have had many wittier comebacks- why can"t I ever think of them right away???

  5. haha that totally made my day. Too funny!