Saturday, December 1, 2012

Joy to the World!!!

I was very excited to read about the new Brooks Pure Flow models in brand new colors!  I am so excited because I love my Pure Flows and have worn them out!  I have been waiting to get some new ones, you know, add them to my Christmas list.  But now I am going to wait until the new colors are out!!!  Now which color to choose?

I can still find my favorite summer foods in the store and now they look like Christmas foods!!!

My new massage therapist.  I have been dealing with what I thought was a hamstring issue for about three months.  A friend of mine who does many endurance evens told me about this therapist.  Her technique is called "clinical massage."  It is NOT a fluffy feel- good massage at all.  She focuses just on the muscles that are giving me problems.  Ic an't really describe what it is that she does except that it feels like she is holding the muscles and then releasing it.  I am sure it is much more complex that that!!  All I know is that it is giving me relief.  All my runs have felt pretty good for the past two weeks -- up until today.  That's another story!

Online shopping - need I say more?  I do love going to the mall at this time of the year though! I love the feeling, the decorations, the music,

Time with my family!  This time of year magically opens up our schedules and we find more time to be together.  That is actually a pretty big feat!  I have kids in basketball, dance, dance team, and academic teams.  My husband and I both work two jobs.  So to find time together is nothing short of a miracle,  We love decorating the house together and BAKING!!!!!  Every weekend we try to make two or three different treats.  Here is the catch though - my kids would rather share the treats with neighbors than eat them!!!  (I stash a few in the freezer)

What is your joy?


  1. Today, my joy was stumbling upon your blog! Love to find others in my age group who also are ultra/trail lovers.

    Looking forward to following you :)

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for following me! I went right over to your blog and started following you too!!!! I love your recap on your 50 Mile race. I am excited to hear more about your running!!