Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

     Sometimes I am an envious person.  I read so many blogs and look at all the great pics of places where you run - mountain trails, seaside boardwalks, canopied forests.  Absolutely beautiful!  I live in a part of MN where the greatest distinction of landscapes is where soybean fields turn to cornfields.  But just when I start to feel whiny something happens - a season changes and I remember how lucky I am to be a runner in the Midwest.  I get to experience the first growth of green in the spring, the oppressive heat of summer that soaks you in perspiration and celebration, the explosion of color when the leaves of autumn begin to fall.  And best of all, I get to run inside a snowglobe.


  1. Beautiful - post and scenery :)

    In the Northeast, I have some of the same "whiny" moments, but even in the coldest part of February, the salt marsh area I get to run by is a gorgeous frozen scene, with a touch of color if you catch it at sunrise/sunset.

    1. I bet the marsh is gorgeous!!!! It has been snowing here for the past 24 hours, so right now everything is so pretty!

  2. I grew up in Oregon and I miss is all the time- but not much snow there... and boy do I love running in the snow :).