Friday, March 2, 2012

Water Woman!!

I have a very low weekly mileage right now - but, But, BUT I DO have time on my feet, except my feet weren't touching any roads!  Confused?  So was I at first.  I discovered aquajogging this week.  A tweaked ankle forced me off the pavement and into the pool.  I was not happy about this and so not convinced that an "aquajog" could be a workout.  C'mon admit it - none of really wants to be a jogger.  We are runners, racers, goddesses of great speed! Right?  So, flashback to last Sunday.  I woke up with a very sore ankle and a plan to run 2 hours.  I had to weigh my choices - run on and risk further damage OR scale back and recover.  I chose the latter (remember?  I told you once I am getting smarter!!)  I didn't have a lot of options - yoga, elliptical (hate it), or aqua-running.  I called a friend who agreed to join me.  We jumped in the pool and "ran" for 45 minutes.  We ran with our stylin' belts- we even wore our running shorts!!  Up and down, back and forth.  Guess what?  It is HARD workout and I LOVED it!  My butt, hams, and hips burned!  I even worked up a sweat.  We celebrated the workout by getting pedis.  Hey - if we are going to expose these beat-up runner feet to the public we may as well try to make them look pretty!  We "ran" again on Tues - still loved it! And here is the really good news - a few days off the roads gave me the break needed to heal the ankle!  So, here is my new plan - I am going to "run" in water once a week - to give my body a break from pounding pavement and to work the muscles not used in running.  One little laugh - there were some high school boys doing some really hard laps in preparation for the state meet. I knew a couple of them - one I had in class as a little boy.  He told his mom he saw me there and that I was treading water!  If he only knew!
Have you ever tried aquajogging?


  1. I've never tried it...I have been swimming lately just for endurance and trying to stay fit...but never aquajogging. How does it work? You wear a belt and just mimic running?

  2. Smart thinking - listening to your body but still pushing hard!