Saturday, February 25, 2012

Assume Nothing, Learn Everything

I had a pretty good run today! It was the week that my long runs turned from miles to hours.  "Time on my feet" I am told that is called - just another piece of information I did not know. This ultratraining has turned me into a student.  As a person who spends 40 hours a week teaching, being a student is pretty refreshing. I have some great people in my life guiding me on this journey with their sage advice and I truly appreciate every morsel they give to me!
Some of my favorites - and I tend to put the advice into categories
"Enjoy the run - it will always be long, so learn to love it"
"When you are feeling weak, refuel and rejuvenate.  Your body is asking for a break."

"Carry toilet paper - just sayin'"
"Just because you hear a rattle does not mean the dog is chained up." (right, L?)

Keeping it All in Perspective
From one of my students upon hearing that I would be running up to 4 hours on a long run this weekend "Mrs. Brudwick - do you realize you will be running for 1/4 of your waking hours on that day? You had better correct our papers, too!"  I think she was telling me to keep balance!


  1. toilet paper??? hope yoru run was beautiful!

  2. the perspective category...but the sensible cracks me up! That's a pretty smart student to be able to figure out ratios and percentages of time spent like that!!! good teaching, huh!

    You sound like you are being a very good learner as well...Love hearing about your runs every continue to inspire me! keep it up!

  3. Good call on the Sensible - I always have a few folded up in the waistband of my pants - cuz you just never know on a long!! 1/4 of your waking hours ... holy buckets! I never thought of it like that on my longs - yes, that is some serious perspective!

  4. ha! I try now to think about how LONG I am out there during those long runs. It kind of makes me tired and sad ;).
    There have definitely been times I wished I had brought toilet paper during a run. Very, very sensible.

  5. Toilet so wise...

    1/4 of your waking hours - that does put it into perspective, doesn't it?