Saturday, February 11, 2012

It Was NOT a Marathon

It wasn't!  I ran 26 miles today, NOT 26.2.  Cuz running a marathon would have been just plain insane!  Pretty good run today!  I ran with an assortment of friends over the miles and let me tell you-- it was COLD today!  The windchill was -20!  The first ten miles were pretty good- steady pace and not too chilly.  But when I stopped to change face masks, my hands froze.  I wanted a Gu, but my hands were too cold to get one out.  So, we continued to run. Now I was with a new group of ladies and this part went really well. I think we had a really nice pace going and I was having fun.  And then---we turned left!  Up Doc Jones Road and it had a hill!  A steep one!  What?  This was not in my "plan!"  But I followed my friends up the hill.  I was wishing they had a rope to tow me up.  As they all pulled away I heard one say the second hill wasn't as bad as this one.  WHAT???  But you know, when you don't have a choice it is best to move on with a positive attitude, and I did. I plodded to to top and was happy to cruise down on the other side.  At mile 19 we stopped at the car to grab a Gu.  My plan was to take it into the Y and warm it up so I could get it down. It was the consistency of taffy - it was actually pretty good!  While I was chewing on my Gu my legs started to thaw and IT HURT!!!!  OMG - there was so much pain I though I was going to cry!  A friend and I decided to walk the track to warm up before heading back out for the last part of the run.  That plan was nixed when we decided we just couldn't face the cold again. I went home, quickly showered, and delivered my youngest to my sister's 45 minutes away, then headed back to the Y to finish the run. I DID IT!  So, yep, I ran 26 miles today.  But NOT a marathon. I am not THAT crazy!


  1. So a marathon in my book!!!

    I'm actually a bit jealous, ha:)

    Thaw out tonight by a nice fire with some good red wine!! I'll join ya here!

    Nice Job!

    1. That sounds like a great idea! Or maybe a movie and popcorn with lots of hot butter!

  2. yeah...and lots and lots of salt:)

    I love your blog and your writing style...i wish i could run as far as you...

  3. wow! Great job on a looooooooooooong run (I'd count it as a marathon, btw!).

  4. Wow! Becky, you are a machine! I didn't even want to step foot outside on Saturday because it was so cold. Good job!

  5. Crazy can be good. :) You're so awesome!