Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I have been very patient.  I have been listening to my body.  I have been dialing back the miles.  I have been waiting, waiting, waiting.  Last night was the night I was waiting for!!!!  Everything felt good, the stars aligned or something, and the run totally rocked!!!!!  It was supposed to be one of those scheduled runs - an easy 6, shake out the kinks, prepare for Sat. long run.  It started out that way. I intended for it to stay that way.  But something in my brain and body just took over.  My legs were sending messages to my brain that said "Let's push this tonight!"  The gait felt great - "jumping over logs" and "driving with the knee" is starting to feel natural.  Lookout Drive was the first hill to conquer.  I am not sure of the grade, but it is a mile long from bottom to the top with some areas that get pretty steep.  Wow- that felt great! My favorite hill in the whole city - I love cresting it and looking over the side down at the valley!!  If I time my runs right I can see a sunset as I get near the top.  So the run continued.  I needed a little time at the top to regroup.  Headed back to the Y at a fairly good pace and was at about 6.5 miles right before the Y.  I asked my running partner if we could do a couple hill repeats just to get to 7.  We did that - holy moly!  Then we threw in a third for good measure.  So we should have been done at 7, but now we were a little over.  "Hey, lets' go to the lights to make it an even 7.5" soon became  a "Let's go around the football field to make it 8!"  Great!  LOVE those runs!!!!  A lesson that I keep being reminded of in the ultra- training is how important it is to be patient.  I am glad that I am a good student!


  1. How hard to be patient...but oh so important, right?

    What a great run Becky!!! Kuddos to you:)

  2. Wow! Good job running up Lookout! That is a loooong hill. I love runs where you feel like you can go forever.

  3. That's so great! I love runs like that! Good job being patient...I think I need lessons in that department!