Sunday, February 5, 2012

Better Than a Band-Aid

Yesterday I ran 25 miles and I did it almost pain-free!  That almost is a pretty important word to me. There were times last week even when I could not have said almost.  So, yes, I am happy to be almost pain free and today I ran almost pain free which now is HUGE because I have not been able to follow a long Saturday run with a Sunday run.  Those back-to-back runs are really important in training for an ultra.  Today I did it!!!!!  I am learning that stretching, strengthening, and rolling are the pieces that will help keep me healthy.  When I am injured (or "have aggravations", as I like to call it) I am so good at adding those things into my daily routine.  I will even set the alarm early so that I have time to get them in before heading out for the day.  BUT, the minute I start to feel "normal" again, those things fall by the wayside.  And then what happens?  You guessed it - my it band bites me in the butt!  So, this time I vow to continue with the things that every runner should be doing regardless of injury status.  Check in with me once in a while to see if I am staying true to my word!
Best exercises so far (add to my list, please!!  I love to hear what works for others!)
Clam lifts
Bridges - esp. the one-legged ones!
Wall sit
Lunges and squats

I just stretch every which way and wish that I was a rubberband - you know the kind, the ones that stretch and stretch. NOT the ones you find in the back of your desk drawer that are so brittle that they snap in two with a tug!

LOVE my foam roller and stick. I carry one in the car with me.  Funny story - on the way home from school on Friday my youngest and a friend were sitting in the back seat of the car.  The friend was holding the stick and said "Your mom has all the cool stuff.  My mom is not really into running that much"  to which my daughter replied "Well, my mom just has more pain than yours."  I'd like to think that statement is the equivalent to "My dad can beat up your dad"!!

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  1. That's hysterical!!! don't ya just love what comes out of a kid's mouth?? Pure honesty!

    your strength/stretch/roll sounds great! The only suggestion I would have would be to possibly add in some outer thigh/leg exercises to help strengthen that part of the butt, which may help your IT band...

    25 rock! You are the "cool" mom!