Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rowdy Girls

     Yep, I know some pretty fast women!  They flirt (with PRs), they drink (Gatorade), they swear (ok, really, they do!) and cheat (gravity- you should see them!  Running gave them hot bods!) They smoke (runners of the opposite sex) and they lie (their humbleness prevents them ever telling how talented they really are!)  Do they sound like the girls your mama warned you about? Ha! Actually, they are my friends and some of the greatest women I have ever met!
     On a recent early morning run I looked around at the group.  We are from all walks of life, but running brings us to a common ground.  One thing I think is really cool is that within this group we have distance runners and sprinters, triathletes, trail runners, and even one trying out ultras (me!) Everyone has different goals, but on the road we are just women who love to run.  Sometimes our runs are pretty quiet - just a small banter back and forth.  Lot of times we laugh or joke (unfortunately for husbands, they are sometimes the subject of those conversations!!) It is easy to share stories of our daily lives on our long runs - as ordinary as they may be.  But I would never say our runs are boring!!  There have been times when I have been laughing so hard I fall out of stride.  We get loud and sometimes obnoxious. There have even been a couple of times when I thought there might be a rumble with a passing motorist who dared to heckle us. I love my group of lady runners!  They support me, and cheer me on (and up), and are with me every step of the way!
     My mom always told me to "run with the right crowd" - I think she would be pretty proud of the choices I have made!

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