Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Wiz

Maybe my running shoes should be red, not just any red, a ruby red with sparkles.  And maybe when I put these shoes on and click my heels together I can say, "There's no such thing as pain, there's no such thing as pain" and maybe all the pain will disappear!  I love that idea!  So would that make my chiropractor the Wizard of ITBS?  I think he is!  And let's see - I do run with the scarecrow. She is the thinker.  She doesn't have to wish she had a brain - her brain is working overtime!!! The thinks she can think I can only wish that I thought!  The tinman?  My friend with the best heart ever, she is supermom, superteacher, superwoman!  And she knows and appreciates my love for peanut butter M and Ms!! And of course, the lion.  My friend the lion, bravely takes on new challenges and fights "aggravations" with a "put 'em up, put 'em up" attitude. His courage on and off the road inspires me. The witches are easy - the things that haunt me and scare me the most - The Wicked Witch of Injury and her even uglier sister, the Wicked Witch of Failure.  OOOOOHHH, did you hear that shudder??  I really wish I could land a house on them and have them be gone!  But you know what?  I have those goofy little munchkins cheering me on and singing me down the Yellow Brick Road.  And who could ever forget Glinda in all her prettiness?  All shiny and happy and sooooo positive!  Glinda is the voice inside my head telling me "You can do this, you can do this."  With the help of the munchkins and my friends I am not afraid - not afraid of flying monkeys or even apple-throwing trees. Toto (my running shoes?  Ok - that might be stretch) and I believe there's no place like the trail, there's no place like the trail...


  1. I like your style! Your pushing me to want to write again...and run again (injury free). Good on ya woman!