Saturday, January 14, 2012

Food For Thought

     Well, it is time for me to start experimenting with fueling on the run.  The last (and only) ultra that I did I spent a lot of time at those ridiculously wonderful aid stations shoving down gummy bears, Pringles, and Mountain Dew (love that MD!)  I made it through the race ok - no stomach issues at all.  But since I have decided my mantra is "Let's do this right!" I have also decided to take a look at fueling with more healthy foods.
     A good friend of mine and someone whose advice I respect so much recently told me to start eating a potato, a banana, a smoothie, and green veggies every day.  So now for the past two weeks that is what I have been doing.  My students make daily jokes about my potato and salsa meal (delicioso!), but I have to tell you - I have been feeling pretty darn good!  I think a big part of it that I as I am making this effort to eat better I don't have as much room in my stomach for the junk foods I love, but I also think that the balance of nutrients is making me stronger!  So thanks for the advice, CS! I have also been eating cold black beans a lot - sounds disgusting?  Nope, again - delicioso!  And a great source of protein!
     The fueling plan for today's 20 miler - 1/2 peanut butter sandwich pre-run and G2 and Honey Stinger Waffle during the run.  I also planned to take a couple of FRS chews along the way.  That was the plan and I pretty much stuck to it EXCEPT that my mom came to visit last night and anyone who knows my mom knows what a terrific cook and baker she is and well, she brought some cookies with her ( chocolate chip and sugar) and they were just sitting on the kitchen counter this morning and I thought I better sample them before my family got up and ate them all and well, I only took a small handful.  WHEW - confessions are so hard!!  So yes, a couple of cookies were added to the gas tank!  So, here is my review - LOVE the Honey Stinger Waffle!  It was frozen due to today's temps but once it warmed up in my mouth it was really good.  Kind of like tortilla meets maple syrup!  G2 is always good.  I really like the FRS chews and now they come in "hard shell chews" which means no more fumbling with wrappers! I did not tire and felt like my energy level was pretty consistent.  Followed the run with a big ol' chocolate milk and a banana - was able to do that within 5 min of my run, so happy to restore glycogen to the muscles.
     I am looking forward to further experimentation - not just because I want to figure out what works for me BUT ALSO because I love to eat!

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