Saturday, January 28, 2012

Teeter Tottering

Just a very quick post to let you know I ran the 24 miles today!  This post is not celebrating that I ran 24 miles, this is a celebration because I thought I could NOT do the mileage today. Some of you know that I have been plagued with minor injuries for a while.  I have what I call the "domino effect."  One muscle aggravation affects another which affects another and so on.  I have been down about it lately and if you ask some of my closest friends, they might even say I have been very whiny.  I feel like I am in the center of a teeter totter.  One side represent complete injury - a total blowup.  The other represents health.  I am staying balanced in the center right now, but I feel like at any moment I could go either way!  Will my increased mileage push me over the edge or will the added strengthening and stretching help me grow stronger?  I am learning to be obedient to my body which is not an easy thing for a stubborn farm girl to do!  I keep thinking that scaling back or taking breaks now is what is going to get me to that finish line in May. As a child I loved to teeter totter,  not so much now!

Here are some good things about my run today - my it band hurt at mile 16!  Well, that is better than mile 10!  AND it worked itself out by mile 17!  So the Graston and ART are doing their job!  Strawberry Newtons are a great source of fuel - just a little hard to chew, breathe, and talk while eating them!  I finished the last 4 miles by myself and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful crystallized world surrounding me.  I love the squeaking sound my shoes make as I push off the snow!  My chocolate milk/recovery drink was waiting for me in the car when I was done and it was delicious!  AND the very best thing about todays' run (besides the huge mental lift I got) I get to have an hour long massage tonight!!

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