Friday, October 12, 2012

I am Giddy!

     I get to run in a trail race tomorrow and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  Who cares that we are supposed to have drenching cold rains?  Who cares that my hammie and achilles tendonitis is still present? Who cares that pavement makes up half the distance?  I don't care cuz I get to run a trail race!!!!!  I have not run a trail race since the 50-mile back in May and I AM SO EXCITED!!!  I am going with a friend who discovered the joy of trail this summer.  We are planning on running it together, but I have a feeling I will get my butt kicked.  I get to feel the gravel and dirt under my feet and feel the cool fall air on my face.  I get to skip over rocks and bound over roots and I hope that I fall!  Yes, I hope that I fall because maybe I will get a bit beat up and I will have warrior wounds to show people that I ran a trail race!I AM SO EXCITED!!  Hot soup and cookies will be served after the race in the basement of the local country church and I AM SO EXCITED!!  Hey?  Did I mention that I am excited??

1 comment:

  1. I have never tried a trail race but they do sound like a lot of fun! A completely different experience! Hope you have an amazing time!