Friday, September 28, 2012

Flippin' Out!

     Do any of you do flips?  A flip is something I learned from one of my really good friends a couple of years ago and it has changed my life!!!  I love flipping~ it keeps me going when things are bad, puts a positive spin on stuff, changes my attitude.  I can flip anywhere, anytime!  Here is the great part - I can teach you how to flip right now and I promise it will change your life, too!!!!  
     A flip is not really a flip in the physical sense, it is more of a mental maneuver.  So here goes - you know that old lady driving exactly 5 4miles per hour ahead of you.  She is making you so mad because you have places to be, people to see and you CAN NOT get around her.  You can feel your blood pressure escalate and expletives are ready to spew forth.  Time for a flip, a new story.  The little old lady has a backseat of freshly baked apples pies in the backseat of her car that she is dropping off at the church bakesale that benefits the pet shelter.  Seriously~ how can you be mad at a lady doing such a nice deed? *FLIP*
     Let's try another one.  That man at the laundrymat butted ahead of you for the next available dryer.  Your clothes need to be dried NOW and you waited your turn and there has to be a system for doing things and people need to STICK TO THE SYTEM!  Time for a flip, a new story.  The young man is proposing to his girlfriend tonight, the one who just got back from serving overseas, and needs his one dress shirt to look nice for the occasion.  Aaaaaaah, I love love! *FLIP*
    Kids who don't hand homework in time? They were spending the evening visiting residents in a nursing home.  *FLIP*
    Coworkers who don't do their share of the work?  They are storing their energy for busier days?  Maybe?  *FLIP*
     OK - I am not really a Pollyanna and don't flip everything. But an occasional flip?  Oh yeah!  Try it, you'll like it!


  1. I'm definitely going to try this..probably while on the drive home. Maybe even more than once! :)

  2. hehe. This definitely gives people way more credit than they deserve (cutting in line is cutting in line! We all want to get chores done quicker...) but is especially appropriate I think for driving. I can be a hot headed driver, but it feels so much nicer to just wave people in when they want to cut in front of you, go the speed limit, etc.

    My most stranger hate goes towards my neighbors who disrupt my sleep daily (the neighbors above, below, and to the side each have someone who is stomping around early, talking late, or smoking out their window in the middle of the night). How can I flip my midnight rage for this, I wonder....?

  3. I ve this idea, I do it sometimes, but not nearly enough. I will try to remember this more often, maybe it will be easier now that I have a name for it!