Friday, September 14, 2012

Aaaaah- youth!

     On Wednesday, after a long day of teaching, I headed out for a run.  This was not going to be just any old run- on this day two of my students had decided to join me!  They had been talking it about it for days and they were both looking forward to it.  Secretly, I was a little afraid.  I knew these two boys were fast!!!!!!!!!  And I mean like 6:50 mile fast.  In my head I was preparing myself for a serious butt-kicking from these 5th graders.  It rained all day and I kept checking with the boys to see if they wanted to back out.  "Nope," they assured me.  "We like running in the rain."  "Better check with your moms. They won't want you to get sick."  "Mom says it is fine."
     So Stephen and I started off from school and made our way to the park at which we were to meet Brody.  The park was about 2 miles away, and the plan was to run the fastest mile we could when we got there.  I thought for sure my endurance training would come in handy and MAYBE I would stand a chance against these speedsters. Stephen totally cracked me up - not only did he keep a steady and amusing conversation going, he jumped through every mud puddle, bounded up and over boulders, and zoomed around with airplane arms!!!  He kept that up for the entire 2 miles!!  I kept checking with him to see if he was ok - yep, he was great!!!  The first mile was an 8:15 pace, the second was 7:30!!!!  I was working hard, he was not!
     Brody ran down the block to meet us whooping and hollering!  Aw man!  Boy energy!  I saw the spark in Stephen grow as he met his friend.  Well, there was no backing down.  I offered my watch to the boys because I was pretty sure they would finish the fast mile before me.  They declined, I am pretty sure they were just being polite.  And away we went!  The boys started out like wild banshees!!  laughing, skipping, yelling.  I trailed behind for a while and slowly started gaining ground.  At the half mile mark I told them our split "3:30!"  and then guess what?  I pulled away!!!  I heard one of them say "She blew right by us!"  I was beaming but felt like I should not be!  Should I let them win?  Should I do a faster mile and show them their teacher can really rock it when she needs to?  I kept on going and finished the mile in 6:54.  Whoo hoo!  I stood and cheered for them and secretly inside cheered for myself!!  I did it!  I beat the speediest!  And then I heard Stephen say "I walked with Brody a little bit.  He had a side ache." "Yeah,"  Brody said, "I have asthma."  Oh.  I had to laugh at my cockiness!  It was a great run with great company and I hope they join me again!  Next time they better bring their inhalers!  Ha ha!  And btw- Stephen completed SIX miles with me that day and he was not the least bit winded!  Cool!


  1. Awesome!!! That is one speedy mile girlfriend...I would need an inhaler after that at this point in my life ha ha ;)

    Always being one step ahead is a GOOD THING!!

  2. ok...i'm holding you to it!!! Drinks on Tuesday!!!