Monday, April 2, 2012

A Celebration!

I just feel like celebrating! I am 38 days out from my race(run actually- does anyone really race for 50 miles?) I am feeling really good at this point. I have overcome so many physical issues and a few mental ones too. This past weekend I ran 33 miles on Saturday and followed with 18 on Sunday and I actually feel pretty darn good today. I spent a lot of time in the garden yesterday so I am feeling a bit sore from that. I think that is crazy! I can run long distances, but get taken out my pulling weeds and climbing stairs!
**sorry, my thoughts keep getting interrupted by the loud voice of the man in the hospital room next door. He keeps talking about hustling up some pretty girls. And I never knew someone could let so many f-bombs fly!! Maybe he is celebrating too!
So back to my own celebrating. So I made it though my long back to back weekend and have another one to go this weekend of the same length. I am really looking forward to it. One last time to refine my fueling plan. One last time to see how far I can push my body doing long miles. One last chance to lose another toenail!! Then I head into a really nice taper. I am happy to say that I am not afraid of the taper this time. I am excited to let my legs rejuvenate. I am excited to find a couple of extra hours in my day!!!

Very sad note today- mourning Micah True. He certainly was a catalyst in my choice to run an ultra. After reading Born to Run, I decided I wanted to run freely and happily as Micah did. He was an inspiration to all and even in death continues to inspire. I have read so many posts today relating to how we never know which day will be our last so live each day as it is!

Excuse my typing today- using an iPad while at the hospital with my mom. She is in surgery right now having a pacemaker put in. Surgery went well last week. Hopefully she will be home on Wed.


  1. I agree! I can run forever (well, not really), but the stairs at my house kill.

    Hope your mom recovers well.

  2. so glad to hear she is doing well... hugs ;)

  3. Great runs! Hope your mom recovers quickly!
    So, so sad about Caballo. :(
    But he certainly was an inspiration who exemplified living the life you were meant to live!