Friday, October 18, 2013

Ready to Run!

Excited? to be running the Mankato Marathon on Sunday!  I have no goal in mind except to finish with a smile.  My training has well, it has sucked.  I have had a really stupid hamstring issue for over a year.  And believe me- I have done everything to get rid of this thing, everything except take time off :)! So you may ask why in the heck am I running it then?  Well, I think a while ago I mentioned that I was asked to run for a charity.  The charity is The BackPack Food Program.  This charity provides weekend meals for children who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. It's super cool because teachers just sneak the meals in backpacks on Fridays and holidays and the kids then have meals for the weekend!!  Anyway, there are three charity runners (we are called Champion Runners)  and we each set a goal to run $1,500.  We did that and then $5,500 more!!!!!  Isn't that awesome?!?! So, the charity is the reason I have stuck with the marathon. It's not going to be pretty and I am surely not going to PR BUT it is in my hometown and that is FUN!!!!!
Watch my little little video!

Something else really cool about this weekend.  Along with the marathon there is a half marathon AND ONE OF MY FIFTH GRADERS IS RUNNNG IT!!!!  I have known Noah since he was just a little guy and have watched him grow up through the grades.  He has always been a great runner and decided this would be the year to try his hand at the half.  He trained so well - it is fun to listen to him talk about his long runs and tapering!!  He has set great goals for himself and I know that he will accomplish them! Send out a little cheer for Noah on Sunday morning!!

The weather forecast took a turn recently and there is a possibility I will be running in snow!!!  But just at the starting line.  High of 52 for the day so now the question is what should I wear?

Just put together a new playlist and my fave song on it is Timber by Ke$ha!!! LOVE that song and it makes me wanna dance.  But my son thinks I am weird.  He doesn't know cool when he sees it!

What do you wear for chilly marathons?
What's a song that you would suggest for the playlist?

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