Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life is a Game of Ping Pong

     Imagine a giant ping pong table with two players hitting the ball back and forth, back and forth.  One player's name is "All That Is Good" and the other is known as "That Just Sucks."  This seems to be a never-ending game this weekend with no clear winner!  I wanted to write a post with wonderful and inspirational words. But I can't do just that - I need to include some other things that have happened this weekend - to recognize that while my life is okay right now, others are suffering.

* I ran the most beautiful trail half-marathon this weekend.  For those of you that live where a a change in season means a change in the landscape you know what I mean.  I ran through a forest filled with hues of gold and red.  I always wish that when I was trail running that I could look up to see all that is around me, but I am so busy looking down at the roots and rocks.  I did glance up a few times to see the sun streaming through the trees. Serenity.  I took first place in my AG and won a bright yellow and black fleece blanket that says "disaster zone."  Hmmmmm.

* A very dear girlfriend ran the Chicago Marathon today.  She trained so well and so hard and should have easily run a 3:05 marathon.  But something went wrong.  Her hamstring hurt at mile 10, but that was not the worst of it.  Her vision became blurred as she continued on.  She crossed the finish line at 3:37 and then passed out!  When she came to she was in the med tent and she has no idea what happened.  Her heart feels sad.  I wish I was there to give her a big hug!

*  A friend that I started running with over a year ago ran a 10K yesterday with hopes of a PR.  He ran the same course last year and this year he SHATTERED his record!!! And is he ever FAST!!! It has been exciting to watch him grow as a runner.  Last week he took his car to the shop and ran the mile and half home from there. He texted me "I am a runner."  Yes, you are!

*  Cancer sucks.  Yes, it does.  My coworker and friend's husband was winning his fight and things were looking good.  Now cancer is invading.  And tonight he had a stroke.  There are no more words to be said.  Just please pray for them.

* I want to end on a good note - maybe that will mean "All That Is Good" is winning.  My son, the runner, earned a spot on the Varsity CC team for the Big Nine Meet.  That's a huge deal for an 8th grader!!  The meet is on Tuesday and although I cannot attend because of Open House at my school, he knows I will be there in his heart- coaching and cheering and celebrating.  Mighty proud of my kid!

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