Friday, June 7, 2013

Catching Up

I have been pretty absent from the blogging world lately.  I have been so busy and in a little bit of denial. A couple of weeks ago, I had this bright idea that I was going to write a blog dedicated to my daughter who is graduating this year.  I started it, but could not finish.  Her looming graduation was too much for me to think about. She is ready to face the world and has chosen a college that will prepare her for the path she desires.  So, I am not worried about her well-being at all.  I am just having a really hard time dealing with the idea of her leaving the nest.  She is a REALLy good girl - so easy to raise, honor student, fun, hilarious, she makes me laugh, we borrow each other's clothes, we shop together, we work out together, we talk, we talk, we talk...  And now she wants to leave me?  She is ready, do I have to be?  Well, last night she graduated and I could not be prouder!!!!

On a different note - I ran the Chester Woods 10 Mile Trail Race last Saturday.  It was the most fun I have had since I was a kid - cuz I felt like a kid! I stood at the starting line with 130 other runners and enjoyed the peaceful solitude of the sunshine - we have only had sun in MN for 20 of the last 80 days!!  It felt amazing to see blue skies and have the sun warm my back.  That area received 9 inches of rain the night before so the the trails were mucky, muddy, sloppy, wet, soaking (any more adjectives?) We were wet within the first half mile and continued that way for the entire race! I ran for a while with a friend - it so fun to share that joy with another!  After a while we split and ran our own races.  It was a course with rolling hills and a few steep climbs.  I loved the challenge of the terrain and the puddles added to the fun. I felt pretty consistent throughout the race and ignored my hamstring when it got a little cranky.  In the final half mile I was running with another woman.  As we looked ahead we saw what looked like a lake right in front of us.  I jokingly said "Looks like we will be swimming."  I assumed the trail would curve and we would go around the water - WRONG!!  The trail was under water due to the rain.  So with big smiles and huge gusto - we ran right through it!  And then on to the finish line!!  My finish time was 1:24 - good enough for a first place win in my age group!!!

Weird - the photo keeps wanting to go sideways!!  Anyway - love the unique awards at trail races!


  1. Congratulations to your daughter and to you as well for grabbing first place in the 10 mile trail race!

  2. Wow, what a big event for you and your daughter! I remember leaving for college and my mother was a disaster. We fell into a new normal and I wish that for you two :)

    Great job on the trail run!!! Trails really have a habit of making us feel like kids again. It's awesome :)