Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I looooooooove summer! Part of it is the weather and a huge part of it isI have the freedom of a relaxed schedule!  This morning I woke up at 5, did a little around the house, and hopped back in bed for an hour more! Yesterday, I did a Body Pump class at 5:30 am, ran at 6:30, played taxi for most of the day, ran trails at 5:00 pm, in bed at 8:30 with a book.  My kids are busy with friends and so far only need me for money and rides.  Love this new part of my life entitled "Me Time!"  IT IS AMAZING!

My daughter, Macey, graduated on Thursday and we had her party on Sunday.  The weather in MN has been very unseasonably cold and rainy.  We watched the radar for a week and saw only pending rain.  On Saturday, we moved all of out furniture out of our main level to make room for people in case it rained.  It rained hard on Saturday.  It rained all Sunday morning.  It rained an hour before the party.  And. Then. The. Sun. Came. Out!  The winds died down to a light breeze and the sun was shining brightly for the entire party.  Guests said it was raining all around us - just not on our party!!  We had a great time!  My daughter loves to decorate so she was in charge of all of that.  She did a beautiful job! She also stepped way out of her comfort zone and greeted people as they came to her party.  We had a "build your own grilled cheese sandwich" (Macey's favorite food) bar which was a huge success!!!  And I had the best friends in the world manning the food for me!!! We had a photo booth so we have a lot of crazy pics of family and friends to put in a book for her!! My goal was to keep the party inexpensive and to show that a grad party could be fun without spending tons of money or remodeling any part of our house or yard. It was the best party ever and IT WAS AMAZING!

I bought myself a new little toy - A NutriBullet!  I am not good at eating my fruits and veggies during the day, so this little machine is perfect for me!  I am excited to try out some new recipes.  Today it was spinach, raspberries, blackberries, and almonds.  YUM!  I heard about the NutriBullet last week at 3 am while I was up worrying about my daughter's grad party - ha ha!  The infomercial promised that I would feel better and look younger!  Heck yeah!  Sign me up!  So far IT IS AMAZING!

Tonight is the first night of our second year of the Muddy Shoes and Brews Trail Series.  A couple of friends and I started it last year.  It is a very low key gathering twice a month in which we run the trails and drink beer after.  Tonight we are celebrating with summer ales.  There are 34 people signed up.  Meeting new friends, running, toasting with a good beer - this night WILL BE AMAZING!


  1. What a great party for your daughter! I love that it was sunny just for her party. Awesome.

  2. The party looks awesome, and I agree that there is so much we can do for so little money. I've never understood dropping tons of money on parties (other than the food!).

    Also your trail group sounds just like ours: run then beer. Although if they have to skip the run and go straight to the beer, they wouldn't be mad.:)