Monday, January 28, 2013

Stellar Week!

I am doing it!  I am going to run a 50K in April and I have not been really committed to the training - or so I say.  I used to be really good at journaling every run and I could definitely see when I was in the middle of training. I could see the weekly totals, I could see evidence of the good runs and the bad.  I could compare my journal with the chosen training plan. I think without that written documentation it has been pretty easy for me to say "I am kinda training for a race that I MAY run in April."  What??  That is not like me at all!!!  I am usually all over training, writing, planning.  So I did a a little reflecting last night.  Am I or am I not training?  Is my head into it? And what about my heart? Here is what I found out - I AM TRAINING!!  Huge revelation, huh?  Well, here is how I came up with this.  I have done quite a few runs (not all of them pretty) that I would not have done had I not had a goal in mind!
1 week ago - ran 12 miles in sub zero temps, -25 windchill
Mon - hill repeats at 4 am cuz that is the only time I had in my day for that
Th - speedwork on the treadmill, I hate the TM but hated the wind outside even more
Sat - intended to do 14, felt great so we went 16. Facemask froze twice and icicles on eyelashes
Sun - 6 miles outside, started out fast (for me) and then turned to shuffling as the rain turned to ice.
Throw in a a couple of easy runs and three Body Pump classes.

So there it is!  I guess I am in training mode! Those are the runs of a person who has a goal in mind.  Those are runs with a purpose.  The physical piece is there and obviously my heart is in it otherwise I wouldn't be out there doing it! So now if you ask me "Are you training for anything?" I will answer with a resounding "YES!"

Now for something so unrelated to running but a proud mommy moment that I love to share.  My youngest daughter, my "Velcro baby," the one who cried at the start of every dance class, the one who I had to crouch behind at Christmas concerts to keep her on stage, the one who told me at 8 yrs old that she was going to live in my backyard when she was a grown-up, stood up in front of the entire student body at her school and gave a presentation on bullying!!!  This was not an assignment - she did it because she saw a need for it.  She first presented to her class and her teacher was so impressed she asked her to address her peers.  And she did it - eloquently and confidently!  And I got to see her do it!! Yes, I fought back the tears. She amazes me!!! BTW - she also was awarded Student of the Month at the assembly.  In her words "It has been a stellar week!"


  1. I feel proud of her, and she's not even my kiddo! That is really awesome! Nothing makes me happier than seeing kids being rewarded for being nice and standing up for what's right. Forget grades (well not totally), if they can be good citizens, our world has a bright future ahead.

    So which 50K are you doing? I keep wondering if I'm training for my 50K too.:) I really need to be running more trails, but it's so hard to get to them while I have someone to watch the kids.

    1. I am doing Chippewa Falls in WI. When is yours?
      I think we should meet halfway and do one together!!!

  2. Wow! Your daughter is amazing! I'd be super proud too!

    Congrats on training for a 50K, I keep thinking about adding one to my schedule, but haven't committed yet.

    1. Thanks! It is so fun when the kids surprise us like that!! 50Ks are a whole new beast, but a fun one!!!