Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eating It All Up!

Today I was telling my students my "fueling plan" for the 50 miles on Saturday.  I think the idea of well-stocked aid stations has convinced a few of them to try out ultras!!  Gummy bears??  Pop??  Pringles??  "Mrs. Brudwick - this is not a day of strenuous running.  This is a PAAAARTAAAAY!" 

Regardless of what my students say I will be eating smart that day!  I plan to start the day at 5 am with a big ole peanut butter sandwich and a granola bar.  I am always very hungry in the morning - and things should settle by the 6 a.m. start.  The rest of the day I plan to eat like a regularly scheduled day - 9 o'clock snack, 11:30 lunch, midafternoon snack, and then I HOPE TO GOD that I am done by suppertime!!  I also plan to eat my sport beans and Honey Stinger Waffles and drink plenty of water.  This should keep me going.  I know that at my last ultra I was very excited about the food at the aid stations, but when I got there I felt like I was stuffing myself just because I could. This time I will listen to my body.  It will be important for me to stay on top of my nutritional needs.  I really don't want to bonk!

Ok- so I LOVE food.  Just think of all the good stuff I will get to eat AFTER I finish!!!  Cookies, Frosty, peanut butter M & Ms, hamburger, potatoes, chicken sandwich, french fries, I am still eating!!!!

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