Friday, May 9, 2014

My Beautiful and Amazing Daughter

I am so excited about this weekend's race!!!  My daughter and I will be running her very first race EVER together!  She chose to run a half marathon in the community in which she attends college - Fargo.  Saying that I am proud of her is not enough.  I am overwhelmed with so many emotions.  This little baby of mine has grown into such an amazing and confident young woman.  She went off to college this past year with a few tears (from both of us) and has adapted so well to the life.  Halfway through the year she decided she wanted to run a race. She came to me and asked me if I would help her plan a training program and then she asked me to run it with her!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!  Macey is not a runner by nature, but she is runner by heart!!!!  During her training she endured long miles on the treadmill (Fargo winters are harsh), a calf injury that sidelined her off and on, and balanced running, homework, and a work schedule!  Tomorrow is her big day!!!  Tomorrow is not about the clock, It is not about the pace. It is not about what was.  It is about celebrating the hard work and effort and the journey and my beautiful and amazing daughter!!!


  1. Mark BrendemuehlMay 12, 2014 at 7:21 PM

    Congrats Macey. Preparing and then doing it, and not slacking on the rest of your commitments is a great accomplishment. A 1/2 marathon is no easy task. Good for you for having the guts to get it done.

  2. So special! I love the races and runs I've gone on with my daughter and she's only 9...I hope it is something we can continue enjoying together for always. How did this race go?? And yes, Fargo...ha! One of my best friends lives in Roseau, MN and winter this year was something else!! Holy crazy! Her Boston training was intense with all of the treadmill running and any attempt at outside running was in EXTREME temps an elements. Nuts!