Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Unexpected PR

I have been waiting for race pics so I could post them with my news. I didn't take pics and the professional pics are not loaded yet. I just can't wait to tell you any longer!! I PRed in a half marathon on Sat and it was totally unexpected! The race I did was Get Lucky in Minneapolis.
These are the reasons that my PR caught me surprise:
* I have been training for a 50k- lots of long slow distances and that means I have not done any speedwork!
* I have issues- as in hamstring- that have nagged me for months, plus I pulled a calf muscle a few weeks ago and I have been leary of running hard on it.
* I have been on a bad eating binge- I love Easter candy!! And the night before the race I joined my coworkers for Happy Hour.
* The course was hilly and icy- miles 7-9 were so slick.  I felt like I was sliding backward more than I was going forward!
* I didn't wear a watch- the only way I had any idea what my pace was would be when I came up on a pacer.
* I didn't start out fast which I have a bad habit of doing and I felt like I ran comfortably for most of the race.

It was not until I saw the clock at the finish line that I knew I could possible PR, but I was not even sure what my best time was. So, I just ran as hard as I could for the last 100 feet! I felt great!! And I felt even greater when I got back to my hotel room and looked up my results. A PR by 8 seconds! And an age group win!! That 1:40:31 was the best run I have had in over 9 months and I'll take it!! That race makes me excited for race season this year!!!  Did I Get Lucky? Maybe. Or maybe a relaxed state of mind is the piece I have been missing!! Something to think about!!


  1. That is an awesome time! Congratulations on your PR! Sometimes those PR's happen when we least expect them! So happy for you!

  2. That's fantastic!! Congrats on a great race and a shiney new PR :) I think there is something to the "no pressure" mindset, but your obviously level of fitness/experience certainly deserve credit!!!

    Happy recovery & happy celebrating!

  3. So cool! Well done! Congratulations :)

  4. Great job and congrats on the PR! I have wanted to do the Lucky 7 the last couple years but it's at the same time as girls' state basketball. We've been in the tourney the last two years and took the championship this year so I would've been so sad if I'd missed it. However, they've moved it up a week next year so I really hope to make it! Rest those muscles and heal quickly.