Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Back

This post is dedicated to On the Right Track  - thanks for checking up on me!!!

Wow!  I have been gone from the blogging world for a long time!  Just kinda checked out.  I think that after I ran the 50 mile run, I felt a little lost and unfocused and UNINTERESTING!!  I accomplished my goal and then what?  Any of you ever feel that "post-race depression?"  I know all of the things I am supposed to do to kick myself back into gear.  I hooked up with friends, ran new trails, and even decided to train for a marathon.  So why was I still so lost?  Had I trained so long with a goal in mind that I forgot my main purpose for running - ENJOYMENT??  Without a training plan laid out in front of me did I no longer feel like a runner??  WHOA!  I didn't like that feeling!  I have loved running all my life - I needed to find my way back to that.  I loaded some new music onto my i-pod and just took off. I have been running (gasp) without a plan!  My friends ask me to run- sure!  I will do whatever they have planned!  I run hills two days in a row if I want to.  I run speedwork or not.  I kind of like this!  No, actually, I LOVE this!!!  I have been lacing up my running shoes to chase sunsets again.  I have added strength training and other classes into my schedule and not worried how it will affect my running.  And the funny thing is that it is actually made my running better!!!  This is what I have needed!  The joy is back!

A couple of randoms
** I, along with some other trail runners) started a trail race series for the summer.  We call it the Muddy Shoes and Brews Trail Series.  VERY low key, VERY fun!  The local newspaper did a nice article on it.  My kids were impressed "Mom. you made the front page of the sports page!"

**  A news station out of the Twin Cities picked up the story and called to do an interview.  The focus of the news segment is trail running and why the growth in interest. It has not aired yet.  I am little worried how I will sound, but oh well!  All still very cool!


  1.'re back!!! And thanks for the are a sweetheart!!!

    WOW...sounds like you have been very busy! I want to know when your interview airs...maybe you could post a video of it! It sounds like your summer is loaded with friends and glad to hear all your great news!! Very exciting indeed!!

  2. hey, thank you for your words!!! such a funk I can get in sometimes...but it is nice to know that there are people out there like you who care and truly mean what they say! I am breathing more calmly today, thanks to you...keep in touch!